KNP01 Magela Falls Tour

Approx 20min Scenic Flight

Fly east along the Magela River passing Ranger Uranium Mine, before entering the lush Magela Valley. See the most spectacular and inaccessible country Kakadu has to offer, including amazing stone formations and the breathtaking Magela Falls and gorges clad in the monsoonal rainforest.

Price p/p $230.00

KNP02 East Alligator and Floodplains Tour

Approx 30 min Scenic Flight

Take in the wonders of the World Heritage-listed Kakadu National Park including Mikinj Valley, East Alligator River and Magela Wetlands. First views of the Rock Archway will bring to life the ancient beauty of this land. Journey back in time as you follow the East Alligator River’s gorge into the Mekin Valley of Arnhemland. Learn about Australia‚Äôs oldest living culture as you hear stories of Indigenous traditions, history and dreamtime.

Price p/p $335.00

KNP03 East Alligator River Spectacular

Approx 45min Scenic Flight

Take in the amazing views while following the East Alligator River Gorge to the Mekin Valley. See the historic Ubirr Rock & hear about Aboriginal rockart, overfly billabongs and the Magela floodplains; abundant in wildlife. On return learn about this spectacularly scenic river as you take in the kaleidoscope of rugged rock country.

Price p/p $485.00

KNP04 Kakadu Highlights Tour

Approx. 60min Scenic Flight

Wet Season- We head south, passing the Ranger Uranium Mine, across Mt Brockman and along the escarpment to “Lightning Dreaming” hearing about this fascinating Indigenous Dreamtime story. After crossing Deaf Adder Gorge, we take in the beautiful Double Falls, a spectacular introduction to the waterfalls of the Kakadu. Continuing south, we fly across the Arnhem Plateau until it drops away revealing the breathtaking Jim Jim Falls. Fly on to Twin Falls, with its two distinctive flows and narrow gorge entrance. This tour is a must do between the months of January to July!

Dry Season- This tour is the ultimate snapshot of Kakadu from the air taking in all of the highlights including: Ranger Mine, Magela Gorge, Magela Falls, Dinosaur Valley, Upper east Alligator Gorge & River, The Archway, Minkinj Valley, Jabiluka Mine and the scenically breathtaking Magela wetlands.

Price p/p $650.00

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